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Modesta Filter Installation

Ductec worked closely with Modesta Uk to have this filter sited and ready for connection in one day.

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Waste Management System Installation

Installing filter, hoods and duct in waste recycling plant from shredders and conveyor belts

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Printing Plant centralized vacuum system

High pressure centralized vacuum system and dust extraction filters for paper printing plant

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Flow through booster filter and Fan installation

Installation for Modesta UK of a through flow booster filter and fan to increase volume within long runs of duct ideal for large factories.

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Return air duct Installation

Return air duct returning recycled air back into a factory.

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Filter system with silo at a timber yard

Installation of filter system with chain conveying system to take waste product to a storage silo in a Timber Company.

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ATEX extraction filter c/w chain conveying system

ATEX extraction filter c/w chain conveying system installed in a large Timber company

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Bakery Extraction

Installation of a Laminar Flow Booth in a Bakery to control flour ingredients and dust at the point of weighing in preparation for onward baking.

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