Dust and Fume Extraction

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Ductec have the experience and knowledge to advise on dust and fume extraction issues, our experts will keep your workers and workplace safe and complient with HSE regulations.


Health and Safety laws are designed to protect employees' welfare at work and it is the responsibility of the employer to identify and secure quality protection against dangerous substances used or produced during manufacturing processes. COSHH regulations 2002 state that employers whose processes result in dust and fume emissions which cause a threat to the health of their workers have complete responsibility for the control of them.

At Ductec we design and install dust and fume extraction systems designed to protect your workers from the harmful effects of dust and fume inhalation.

We design bespoke systems to your requirements and our fully trained and experienced engineers will complete the installation with the minimum amount of disruption to your ongoing business activities.

After installation we will commission the system and provide full staff training on the safe use of the system if required.

We will also provide full documentation to confirm that your new dust extraction system will provide the correct level of protection for your workers in line with current Health and Safety regulations.

Our expertise in the provision of dust and fume extraction enables us to provide our customers with a high quality, effective service plus our excellent supplier partnerships allow us to guarantee the best possible solution to your company's specific needs.

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