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About Quick Fit Ducting products

Ducting shown is made from galvanised steel but is also available in stainless steel

Ducting Pipes

Ducting Staights Ducting Straights annd Slips Sections

Ducting Pipes  supplied in 1250mm lengths.


ducting slips ducting slip diagram

Slips are fully welded with a smooth internal finish and supplied with an “O” ring


Ducting pressed bend Ducting bend diagram Ducting segmnted bends

Ducting bends are available in 90, 60, 45 and 30 degrees.


Standard tapers are 200mm in length. See fig 2 for measurements required for order

Rectangular to Round Duct Adapters

Ducting round to square adaptors Ducting round to square adaptors diagram

Rectangular to Round Adaptors (rec to round) as shown below are also available with angle or flat bar flanges

When ordering please quote diameter B and A and B dimensions

Ducting Y Pieces

ductwork Y piece ductwork Y piece diagram

Ducting Y Pieces  for connecting flexible duct onto machines.

Make sure B and C diameters do not exceed A as shown in fig 2


Ducting automatic damper ducting automatic damper

Automatic Dampers

A pneumatic damper is a circular compressed air powered slide damper which is automatic creating a rapid and tight closure.

As the damper is opened and closed automatically, extraction is always focused on the connections currently in use and maximises extraction making it energy efficient.

Blast Gate Dampers

blast gate dampers duting blast gate dampers diagram

Standard dampers are made of zinc-plated steel plate but can also be supplied in a stainless steel version.

Ducting Sputnik Manifolds

Ducting Sputnik Manifold Ducting Sputnik Manifold Diagram Ducting Sputnik manifold Diagram

Sputnik Types 1 and 2 are Available in 2 – 8 spigots


ducting_clips_diagram ducting clamps and clips

Quick assembly Clips are supplied with a locking pin and integral seal

Split Straps

Ducting segmnted bends

Split Straps provide a base to be able to bracket ducting, securely and safely.

Ducting Silencers

ducting silencer ductwork ducting silencer ductwork diagram

Made for noise reduction on the fan discharge, available in various wall thicknesses and to any specification required.

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