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Ductec is a leading supplier and installer of flexible fume arms to customers across a range of industries throughout the UK. 

Based in West Yorkshire, and with over 40 years’ experience in dust and fume extraction, we design and install fume extraction systems that create safer workplaces.

In today’s blog, we provide you with an overview of the flexible fume arms available from Ductec, as well as an insight into their applications. 

Fume Extraction Arms          
Our flexible fume arms are built to industry-leading standards, offering maximum strength and durability. They represent a cost-effective method of capturing welding fumes/smoke, grinding or polishing dust, oil mist, and many other airborne pollutants. 

Available in hanging and standing versions, our flexible hose arms include telescopic extraction arms - ideal for use in small spaces.

Hose Arms
Ductec’s range of hose arms represent a cost-effective method of capturing contaminants in less demanding applications, such as welding fume and smoke, and light dust. 

Hanging and standard versions are available, and our hose arms feature flexible hoses as standard (temperature resistant up to 80°C). 

Stainless Steel Arms
Ductec’s stainless steel arms are a versatile, durable and economical method of at-source air pollution capture.

Suitable for a range of applications, our stainless steel arms feature flexible hoses and external joints, making it easy to keep the arm in position, or move the arm as required. 1 to 4m lengths are available, in hanging and standing models.
Telescopic Arms
Telescopic extraction arms are suited for use in areas where space is limited - applications include welding fume/smoke, grinding or polishing dust, and oil mist, as well as many other airborne pollutants.

Each arm has a unique construction, with lightweight aluminium die cast components providing maximum strength and durability. 

Ductec supplies and installs a range of associated dust and fume extraction products, including extraction units, quick fit ducting products, mobile filter units, fans and flexible fume arms, suitable for applications across a range of industries. 

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